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Are Scorpions Getting Into Your Home?

This entry was posted by on Friday, 1 May, 2009 at

There has been a lot of scorpion activity in other parts of the US recently.  Las Vegas and Phoenix are reporting an increased number of scorpion stings and scorpion requests. Austin Texas has certain pockets that are full of scorpions.  For those of us in Austin that must deal with scorpions its a relief to know that there is pest control service that can handle them.

As of right now we have not noted any significant increase in scorpion activity for the Austin area.

Stay tuned for more scorpion reports.

3 Responses to “Are Scorpions Getting Into Your Home?”

  1. CJ

    we have seen a HUGE increase in scorpions this season. did not see any the past two years, have had 8 just in the past month.

  2. PestControlAustin


    It seems that there has been an increase through out the US in scorpions. In fact, they are showing up as far east as Atlanta. These critters are difficult to control and they are so well adapt that they can survive almost any climate. You can even find them as far North as Alaska!


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