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Pest Control Austin TX Report Card = A+

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Bulwark gets an A+ on their report card!

August 03, 2009
Debbie B.
Pest Control/Exterminating
Work Done:
Hire Again:
Home Build Year:
Description Of Work:
We had experienced ants coming into our garage and home. This had been going on for a few months. Then I heard a “critter” scratching around in our attic. That prompted me to call an exterminator and take care of both problems. Bulwark got me quickly on their schedule. Very personable, knowledgeable man came and sprayed inside and outside for the bug problem. Also set a trap in the attic and bait boxes in the back yard to catch the RATS – PLURAL!! Eeeck!!! (determined by the type and amount of “droppings” found in attic). They came back 2 weeks later to check the traps (found 1 dead rat). They are coming out 2 weeks from that follow-up date to check again. They’ll keep coming until that problem is resolved. Thank goodness!!

Page Of Happiness Nominee

Overall A
Price A
Quality A
Responsiveness A
Punctuality A
Professionalism A
Additional Questions Answered when completing this report

How much did the final cost compare to the original estimate? right on

How does the value of the work compare to the price? I got more than my money’s worth.

How far in advance did you schedule the work? within a week

Why did you choose this contractor? reputation

Have you used this company before? this is the first time I’ve used this company.

What did you like most about this contractor? professional, prompt, thorough, friendly

What surprises came up during the course of the work? none

What words of advice would you give other members considering this contractor? I recommend them.

What words of advice would you give this contractor? Keep up the good work!

To sum it up: I am very impressed. Both techs that have come out are friendly, knowledgeable, thorough and productive. We signed up for their every-other-month maintenance since we have had recurring problems with fire ants.

Thanks Debbie!

We are grateful for your feedback! Fire ants are a big problem in the Austin area and regular pest control is required to keep these aggressive ants under control. A fire ant queen can produce over 1000 new eggs a day!  Yikes.  It’s also interesting that the queens fly in to start new colonies.  These new colonies will go unnoticed for few days to a couple of weeks until the queen is ready to hatch out her eggs.  Then they push up those easy to spot fire ant mounds placing the eggs near the top so that they can heat up and start blowing up like popcorn.  Pop, Pop, POP!  And out come your newest harvest of fire ants!

But don’t worry!  We’ve got you protected.  Even when these mounds pop up in between your regular visits!  Just call us up and we will be out within 48 hours to treat the fire ants at no extra charge.

Want fire ant control in Austin?  Call us today!

Bulwark Exterminating – Austin Pest Control
Round Rock, Pflugerville, Lakeway
209 E Ben White Blvd # 115, Austin, TX 78704
(512) 291-1200

Austin Ant Control is only one of many services provided by this Austin pest control company.


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