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Our Mesa Branch Using Smart Phones for Logistics, Conservation.

Tuesday, 30 November, 2010

Our brothers at the Mesa, AZ branch have started using their smart phones for logistics and routing.  We’ll soon be enjoying this technology here in Austin in the very near future.

Here is our official statement.

The SEO Fumble of the Year

Wednesday, 10 November, 2010

I’m just the PPC and social media manager for Bulwark Exterminating. The SEO guys sit behind me. They are constantly bouncing ideas and theories back and forth on how to up our rankings and visibility in the search results. It’s them vs. Matt Cutts. I catch enough of their cross-fire to at least be able to keep up in a less-than-casual SEO conversation.

My off-duty forte lies in sports. And for working in an office full of dudes, I feel that I’m the most versed in this arena (pun intended). Stats, dates, names, scores, records, odd facts, etc. I have a good handle on all of them. For example, did you know: The shoes that Michael Jordan wore in game 6 of the 1998 NBA Finals when he hit the championship clinching shot vs. the Utah Jazz were patterned after the Ferrari F355F1? And yes, it was a car that Michael owned at that time. Want another? After LeBron James announced he was going to play for the Miami Heat this summer, all of the season tickets sold out for the entire year on the very next day. Since there was no need for a sales staff to sell tickets that were already now sold out, the Heat fired the entire sales staff.  Thanks LeBron!

JordanFerrari The SEO Fumble of the Year

Air Jordan XIV and the Ferrari F355 F1

It’s not too often that two industries such as the sports world and the search engine optimization world collide on a very public level. So when I came across a tweet from the famed Deadspin site, I tweeted it back over to a few of my SEO-marketing-sports fans.

Now even if you’re not a big sports fan, I’m going to assume that you at least know that the Dallas Cowboys is the most notable franchise in the National Football League.  Bill Gates to computers.  Mr Hershey to chocolate.  Or Henry Ford to automobiles.  The Cowboys boast 5 Super Bowl Championships, 10 Conference championships, 21 division titles, 30 playoff appearances, 12 Hall of Famers, and 1.6 million facebook “Likes”. They are easily the most branded franchise in Latin America. Cowboy cheerleaders are the most marketed and publicized cheer squad in the world and have their own locker room in the stadium that would still surpass other teams in the league. Their new stadium cost more than $1.1 billion, making it the priciest sports venue ever built. For crying out loud, their nickname is “America’s Team”.

Cowboys%20Trophies The SEO Fumble of the Year

Dallas Cowboys Super Bowl Trophies

Everything about this team is analyzed and scrutinized. While some teams celebrate finally making it to the playoffs, Cowboys ownership expects nothing less than a legitimate run at another championship. Every. Single . Year. Their most recent coach, Wade Phillips, led the Cowboys to the playoffs 2 of his 3 years as head coach, winning 2 more division championships. His playoff win in 2009 ended the club’s 12 year playoff winless streak.

So what does this all have to do with search engine optimization? Title tags? Meta tags? Domain registration? Wait! Domain registration? Get a load of this…

The infamous owner, president and general manager of the Cowboys, Jerry Jones, fired Wade Phillips on Monday after a treacherous 1-7 start of the current season. The offensive coordinator was then promoted to interim head coach to finish out the season. As if demand on their website wasn’t high enough, a media frenzied firing of their head coach was surely going to cause a spike in traffic. More like a spire, actually. Well, “someone” at Cowboys HQ forgot to renew the registration for So on the day that the site was going to get the most clicks, time on page, least bounce rate, best click through rate and deep page views, viewers were redirected to a general purchase page by Network Solutions. You could either backorder the domain or renew it.

cowboysdomain The SEO Fumble of the Year domain registration page

Cowboy executives were quickly notified of the gaff and the team site was back up and running within hours. But how could this happen? What would happen if wasn’t registered on the day Steve Jobs announced the iPhone 4? Imagine the societal fallout.

Who knows! Maybe domain registration was part of Phillips’ job and they just happen to fire him a day too early.

Black Widow Spider Hatches 200 Baby Spiders!

Thursday, 4 November, 2010