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Tony Romo: Roach Exterminator

Posted by on Tuesday, 2 October, 2012

ARLINGTON, TX - OCTOBER 01:  Quarterback Tony ...

Last night’s Monday Night Football game, featuring the Dallas Cowboys verses the Chicago Bears, is a game most of us Cowboy fans would like to forget. Tony Romo was 31/43, but he did have five interceptions and a fumble that led directly to three Bear touchdowns. All of us Cowboy fans were left wondering, “Who was Tony Romo throwing too?”

Upon further video examination, Tony Romo was actually trying to squash gigantic roaches with the football as they scurried across the field at Jerry World.

See For Yourself:

Here’s how a few of the turnovers went down:

Tony Romo: Oh, gross! Kill that disgusting thing!
Tony Romo: [grabs football]
Tony Romo: [throws football at cockroach]
Lance Briggs: [intercepts throw]
Lance Briggs: [touchdown]

Tony Romo: Oh no, it’s still there! Kill it! Kill it!
Tony Romo: [stomps at roach]
Tony Romo: [misses]
Tony Romo: [stumbles]
Tony Romo: [fumbles]
Major Wright: [recovers fumble]
Major Wright: [touchdown]

Tony Romo: Kill that gross thing! KILL IT!
Tony Romo: [belly-flops on roach]
Football: [ricochets to Julius Peppers]
Julius Peppers: [touchdown]

We all know Cowboys Stadium in Dallas is a palace; a billion dollar shrine to all things football. This palace, also known as Jerry’s World, is in desperate need of some roach control. Last night’s game wasn’t the first time national audiences witnessed gigantic roaches scurry across the field. Here’s another example form the Redskin’s game last year:

Many of us in Texas have experienced problems with roaches. When we see them we call an exterminator and the problem is quickly resolved. Many of us Texans are wondering why The Dallas Cowboys will spend a billion dollars on a state-of-the-art football stadium, but have inferior roach control. While some of us are left wondering about the roach situation, The Cowboys have bigger problems to worry about right now… Like not turning the ball over five times a game.

If you are seeing roaches in and around your property, The Dallas Cowboys are, contact an Austin area pest control company today!

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