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Top 3 Pests In Austin

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Austin, TX is such a diverse and eclectic city. Along with the diversity of Austin residents is a diverse selection of pests. I recently had the opportunity to sit down for a few minutes with a Bulwark Exterminating professional, who services the city of Austin. Among the topics I was most interested in, was “What are the top three pests you gets calls on?”

These are the top three pests in Austin, TX:

3. Roaches


There’s no escaping it… roaches are as much of a staple in Texas as good barbecue and the Dallas Cowboys. This is quite unfortunate, because cockroaches are known to spread some 33 different types of bacteria, seven types of human disease, and even six different kinds of parasitic worms. They are definitely not something you want scurrying around your house and around your family. I guess this is why they are the number three called about pest in Austin… Well, this and their sheer numbers! Cockroaches are very hardy and multiply fast. If you are starting to see a few inside your home, it’s time to worry. A few roaches can become a thousand-roach infestation before you know it. When you start seeing roaches in your home, make sure you get professional Austin roach control!

2. Scorpions


It should come to no shock to anybody that scorpions made the list of top pests in Austin. People are willing to deal with a few crickets, or black ants that come wandering into their home, but a few scorpions… Forget about it! People are not only disgusted by scorpions, they are down right afraid of them. This fear stems from the painful stings they inflict. Scorpions are nocturnal, so encounters usually happen during the middle of the night, or early morning, when you get up to use the bathroom. It never fails; Bulwark reportedly gets a call almost every morning at 8:00 sharp from somebody who found a scorpion the night before. To avoid stepping on a scorpion as you get up to use the bathroom in the middle of the night, it’s best to control their population with an Austin scorpion exterminator.

1. Fire Ants

Fire ant

I remember hearing at one point that ants in general are the most common pests in the United States, so it comes as no surprise that Fire ants are the number one pest in Austin. A reported 20 million people are stung by Fire ants every year in the United States, and it seem like Texas is the epicenter of all the Fire ant activity. Some 42 percent of people in Austin have reported being stung by a Fire ant. These painful stings have given this ant quite the reputation; so much in fact that many people call in at the sight of any ant that even resembles the brownish-red color of the Fire ant. Bulwark admittedly reports that not every Fire ant call they get turns out to be an actual Fire ant; but Austin residents are sure are calling in about them. If you are seeing Fire ants, or their huge mounds, on your property; get professional Austin Fire ant control!

Austin Pest Control

If you are seeing roaches, scorpions, Fire ants, or any other type of pest in or around your Austin home, it’s time to call an Austin exterminator!

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