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Austin Landscaping Rebates

Posted by on Tuesday, 7 January, 2014

watering lawnDid you know that watering and irrigating your property is a major contributing factor to attracting pests like scorpions and roaches?

Did you know that significant water usage and savings can be made by exchanging your turf grass for native plant beds and permeable landscaping; all while getting financial rebates and assisting in keeping your property pest free?

It’s true! Residential properties in Austin, TX and surrounding areas may receive $25 for every 100 square feet that is converted from healthy turf grass to native Texas plants; up to a rebate of $1,250. Additionally, the less water on your property equates to less pests.

Here’s what you need to know:

Austin WaterWise Landscaping Rebate

If you are a residential customer of a qualifying Austin water provider, you can get a rebate if you switch out your healthy grass for native Texas plants and landscape that use less water. For every 100 square feet of healthy grass you replace, you get a $25 rebate. The maximum rebate a property can receive is $1,250.

Customers of Austin Water or other qualifying water providers need to fill out an application. Applications are accepted for two separate time periods: Spring installations (December 1 – March 31) and fall installations (June 1 – September 30). You can submit one application per installation period.

Download The Waterwise Rebate Application Here

Qualifying Austin Water Providers Eligible For Rebates

  • Aqua Texas- Morningside
  • Aqua Texas- Night Hawk WSC
  • Aqua Texas- Rivercrest Water Systems
  • City of Rollingwood
  • City of Sunset Valley
  • City of Westlake Hills
  • Creedmoor-Maha WSC
  • High Valley WSC
  • Lost Creek MUD
  • Manville WSC
  • Marsha WSC
  • North Austin MUD #1
  • Northtown MUD
  • Shady Hollow MUD
  • Travis County WCID #10
  • Village of San Leanna
  • Wells Branch MUD
  • Windermere Utility

Eligibility For Austin WaterWise Landscaping Rebate

  • You must be a customer of an above listed water provider, or an Austin Water residential customer.
  • You must complete and submit the application for the appropriate installation period, and provide appropriate supporting documentation (see below).
  • At least 75% of the turf grass being replaced must be alive and healthy.
  • A minimum of 500 square feet of healthy grass must be replaced.

More Information On WaterWise Program Requirements

There are many program requirements that must be followed in order to earn the allotted rebate(s). Application materials must be sent to Austin Water Conversion, conversion area requirements must be met, and irrigation systems must be turned off and capped, or set to low use.

For more information on Austin’s WaterWise Landscaping Rebate, visit:

Author Bio:  is a pest management professional at Bulwark Exterminating in Austin, TX. As a pest professional, I recommend taking advantage of the Austin landscaping rebate, as less water on your property equates to less pests.

Have A Scary And Safe Halloween

Posted by on Friday, 25 October, 2013

Halloween is almost here. The one night a year we get to dress up however like superheroes, scare everyone around us and get a little free candy in the process. From our family here at Bulwark, we’d like to wish everyone a very safe and happy Halloween. Be safe. Have fun. Get scared. And eats lots of candy.

Take a minute to enjoy our new Halloween video

The Invasion Of The Critters

Posted by on Friday, 6 September, 2013

During the summertime, wild animal activity is at its peak. Incidentally, this is also when the most roof damage tends to occur. If you find yourself hearing strange noises from your attic, it’s probably not your imagination. Most likely, you have an animal invasion caused by holes in your roof. Many animals, such as possums, squirrels, birds and raccoons, will find your attic to be a comfortable and dry refuge to sleep and raise their offspring. Besides being noisy and disrupting your sleep, this can also result in increased allergies, higher risk of animal bites and serious structural damage to your house. Here’s what to do if this happens to you.

Locate Entryways

Many homeowners only discover holes in their roof long after the uninvited tenants have moved in, so inspecting your roof for damage or weak spots regularly can help prevent these entrances from forming. However, this isn’t something you should do yourself. Because walking on roofs can be dangerous for the inexperienced, it’s recommended to hire a qualified professional roofer to check things out.

Fix The Problem

Your first impulse is probably to call pest control, but fighting the invasion is useless if you can’t prevent it from happening again. If you get rid of the animals before closing up the entry points, they will keep coming. Therefore, it’s important to address the holes in your roof first. Hopefully the problem is as simple as a broken screen, vent or window, but there may be much more serious damage that could have resulted in holes. Water damage, missing shingles, rot, mold and falling tree branches are all common culprits. If you have these types of damage in one place on your roof, you’ll likely have more, so have it inspected and repaired accordingly.

The Pest Issue

After you’ve located the problem areas and addressed them appropriately, it’s time to deal with your pest problem. Having unwanted animals in your attic is typically accompanied by feces and carcasses, which smells terrible and poses a health hazard to you and your family. Many small animals such as birds and rodents can be dealt easily on your own. However, larger animals like possums and raccoons can be a much more serious problem. These are among the most common wild animals to carry rabies and other diseases, they’re aggressive and they aren’t very fearful of people, so it’s never recommended to confront them yourself. In cases like these, you should call in an animal control specialist as soon as possible.


Working to prevent future invasions is better than having to resolve them once they’ve occurred. Having your roof inspected several times per year by a professional roofer is a good way to do this. You can also take a personally active role by taking steps to deter pests from moving in. Keeping traps and poison baits in your attic will stop pests from staying long if they manage to get inside. Ultrasonic deterrent devices can also be helpful as well as a sprinkling of diatomaceous earth.

Featured images:

Peter Wendt, recently found a raccoon in his attic. This Austin based roof repair company gave him some great tips to keep the critters out.

Sell A House Fast In Austin TX

Posted by on Monday, 1 July, 2013

Austin Real Estate

Selling a house can be a stressful task if you are doing it on your own, and you know nothing about the property selling or the common pricing strategies. The task of selling a property that you own is quite a project. Unless you are aware of how it all works, it is very likely that in the end, you will end up selling your house at the wrong price. As we’ve already said, the task is complex. There are so many things involved with it, that there is always a risk of something going wrong with the whole deal… unless you know what you are doing accurately.

Selling A House In Austin, TX

Selling a house is a complex business, and it gets even more complex when you are selling a house that is not brand new. There are many additional points that you need to take care of before selling, and before making a deal. It is always recommended to seek the help of a property dealing firm that offers great services for your property; and also specializes in the property selling business. Solution Strategies, LLC is such a reliable company in Austin, Texas. The company offers great solutions to all of your needs; selling your house in a perfectly good manner and price. The company takes over the task of pricing your house accordingly, and then finds a customer who is willing to buy your house at the asking price.

Solution Strategies Sells Austin Houses Fast

Let’s look at the reasons why you should hire the services of Solution Strategies, LLC in the first place. The first thing we can possibly think of is that it is very likely that when you are planning to sell your house then it is because either you are in need of quick cash and want cash home buyers in Austin, Texas or because you are moving to some other place and you need to sell house fast in Austin Tx. The company simply helps you with everything that is required in the whole process, and assists you in an expert manner to ensure you of the great deal with your house. Selling a house involves a number of difficult tasks such as pricing the house at great yet correct rates, making sure that you sell house fast in Austin Tx , finding cash home buyers in Austin, Texas to purchase your house and not to mention all the legal work involved in the entire process of selling the house.

The firm provides excellent services in this field, and you get these services at very reasonable prices by the company. Hiring the company to sell a house fast in Austin Tx is really a beneficial decision. Hiring them you ensure to avoid all the other troubles involved with this process, and the firm takes care of every task that is necessary for you to sell the house. Whether it is pricing your place at a great price, or simply finding cash home buyers in Austin, Texas, the firm effectively solves all these problems for you.

Article by staffwrite at

How To Prepare Your Home For The Three Digit Days Of Summer

Posted by on Friday, 14 June, 2013

Woman Cooling Off With Fan

Ah yes. Summer is upon us. It’s the most hated and loved season of all. It’s wonderful in that you can swim all day and have a margarita in your hands at all times and terrible in that it gets so hot, your skin feels like it’s going to melt off. Sunscreen is my best friend during these months. Especially when the temperature rises into the three digits. Yuck! While you probably know to lather on the sunscreen and drink plenty of water, are you safeguarding your home from the heat as well?

Keep The Thermostat At 74 Degrees

Thermometer Summer Heat

While most people leave the thermostat running at a cold 71 or 72 degrees during the summer, it isn’t doing much. Yes it is cooling your home down, but it’s raising your energy bill in the long run. Homes can’t really get colder than 74 degrees. So while you keep pushing the ‘down’ arrow on your thermostat, your energy company keeps increasing your bill each month. Don’t worry, 74 degrees is still plenty cool. You’ll definitely notice the difference when you walk into your home from outside where it’s 102 degrees!

Invest In Some Outside Shades Or Shutters

Keep your home cooler by installing some outside shade. If the sun has started beating in through your backyard windows, invest in a bigger shade over your patio. If you can’t stand the heat from the sun beaming into your kitchen, buy some bigger outside shutters to place on the windows. While your home is protected on the inside with shades and shutters, it’s important to protect it on the outside as well with the same equipment. You’ll notice a huge difference in how nice and cool your home feels with this added shade!

A White Roof

If it’s at all possible, get up on your roof with a bucket of white paint and a paint brush, (or make your husband do it!), and start painting! A white roof helps deter the sunlight from beating down too hard on your home. It acts as a deflector in that the sun will beam on top of your home and reflect right off so that your home stays nice and cool throughout those incredibly brutally warm summer days!

An Alarm System Is Helpful In More Ways Than One

More often than not, we all forget to turn the thermostat up when we leave for work in the morning. Especially during the summer. It’s hard to remember when you are rushing to get the kids out of bed, the coffee started, and your shirt ironed. With a million other things on your mind, your energy bill is the furthest thing from it. But that’s where your alarm system comes in handy! Utilize all of its capabilities, including its wireless features. Whether you have Katy home security or New York home security, it helps in a ton of different ways. One of which being that you can control your thermostat wirelessly. So while you are protecting your home from burglars, you can also keep your energy bills in check.

About The Author: Carly loves the summertime. Mainly because her birthday is right smack in the middle of it and she is an avid believer in receiving presents. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram if you want to see pictures of dogs and tweets about her love for The Walking Dead.

Know The Real Value Of Your House In Austin

Posted by on Tuesday, 11 June, 2013

Austin has a rare sense of climate unlike many places on earth. The winters are cold, but the appearance of snow is very occasional and the summers are hot of course, but that’s what Texas is all about. Despite the heat there is always the presence of cool breeze, which is very soothing and pleasing in the summer, especially if you have travelled to the lake. Compared to cities such as Houston which lie on the coast, Austin has a moderate level of humidity.

Austin Real Estate

Austin Real Estate

Living in Austin

Being a place to spend pleasurable time and enjoy quality of life, having a home in Austin can be considered a milestone. There is great diversity of culture present in Austin, but the majority comprises of Mexicans and cowboys with a strong touch of politician lobby. This makes Austin a sure go-to-live, but what ifyou are on the flip side of the argument, about to leave Austin permanently, in desperate need to make off with best you can, well worry not because we buy homes in Austin Tx and can even provide with advice and assistance on this matter.

Getting To Know The Price Of Your Property

There are many reasons people leave their long established roots forever. It might be the death of a relative, who had a will awaiting your approval, it could be a government posting that has led you to migrate or it may be a financial complication that compels you to leave a place like Austin.

When such a situation arises you must make the best of your circumstances and that is making off with all your property by liquidating it. Fear not of getting ripped of all your worth becausewe buy homes in Austin Tx, since we appreciate the value of good property.

How To Make The Best Of The Circumstances

There is always hassle involved when it comes to selling something of great monetary value, especially if it holds emotional connections. Selling a home is a big step and being wise about its actual worth is right, but to make sure the worth is well rewarded it is recommended to hire a real estate agent in Austin. Always remember to contact professionals, or simply call us since we buy homes in Austin Tx.

How To Fetch A Good Price

A house can only fetch a price fair to its condition, unless it has a historical background. To make sure you get the best you deserve. A few tips can be very helpful in making the buying party interested and since we buy homes Austin Tx we know all there is to this trait.

To make your to-be former residence alluring, make proper adjustments to its interior and exterior. The first thing you must do is tidy up the inside of your house by fixing and repairing stuff which is putting a bad impression. Clean the bathroom and the kitchen as well before adding renovations. You can either do this by hiring a contractor or, well making your tool box handy. Last but not the least; spend a few bills on the outside of the house as well such as the lawn, garage and backyard. After completing these changes your house will be ready to be sale.

Article by staff writer at

Oak Wilt On The Rise In Central Texas

Posted by on Thursday, 9 May, 2013

Oak wilt is one of the worst diseases affecting trees in North America and is especially deadly in the Central Texas area. The oak disease kills plants and trees as it spreads throughout the tree. Once the deadly fungus enters a tree, it travels through the water conducting system of the plant. The fungus then disables the system causing the disease stricken tree to slowly die from dehydration. The Red Oak is the most susceptible oak to the fungus, while White Oaks show a level of tolerance. Live Oaks are extremely susceptible as well since they have large, interconnected root systems. The fungus can spread by traveling through the root system of the Live Oaks and kills any nearby trees.

The Start of an Infection

Red Oaks play a pivotal role in the start of an oak wilt outbreak. During the spring months, fungal mats form underneath the bark on some Red Oaks. Eventually, insects enter the fungal areas and the spores stick to the insects. When the insect visits a wound on the oak tree, it then infects the healthy oak. Once an oak is infected, the fungus can spread easily through the root system. Any dense group of oaks will tend to have interconnected roots. Over time, oak wilt travels through the root system to the surrounding healthy trees. This allows the infection to spread up to 150 feet in any direction within a year, eventually creating a patch of dying trees.

Central Texas Oaks

Popular for their ability to shade streets and provide beautiful landscaping, oaks are a popular choice of tree in Central Texas neighborhoods. Unfortunately, many of these oaks are now dying from the incurable disease. Overall, oak wilt has been reported in seventy four different counties in Texas. Most cases are reported within Central Texas, although there are occasional cases reported in the Panhandle and eastern Texas.

Preventing Oak Wilt

Since there are no cures for oak wilt, the best that residents can do is to prevent it from occurring. The easiest way to do this is to limit any wounds to the tree. When a tree is injured through pruning or clearing brush, it creates a wound. This causes sap to come out of the bare wood. Since beetles like to eat sap, they are attracted to the wood and spread the oak disease. By preventing injuries to the tree, residents can avoid oak wilt. If an oak does sicken from oak disease, the spread to other oaks can be stymied by a process known as trenching. Essentially, a trenching machine must create a hole at least four feet deep to separate the roots of different trees. This helps to limit the spread of oak disease between plants and can prevent an entire oak forest from falling victim to oak wilt. To improve the trench barrier, trees within 100 feet of the disease may also be uprooted to stop the disease from spreading any further through the forest.

Oak Wilt vs Drought

Oak Wilt can sometimes mimic the symptoms of drought due to dehydration. A professional arborist can help determine what is causing problems for your tree and recommend a course of action.

Featured images:

Peter Wendt is a writer and researcher from Austin, Texas who has had trouble with oak wilt in the past. The best way to treat the disease is to call a local arborist. Wendt found Andy at Central Texas Tree Care to be a great resource for treating his own Red Oak trees.

Happy Valentine’s Day From Bulwark Exterminating

Posted by on Monday, 11 February, 2013

There are a few more days left until Valentine’s Day, so you either have time to finish your purchases for your loved one, or you still have time to start your purchases. There is quite a bit to do here in Austin, with lots of food choices for every appetite. We thought we’d help you out a little and give you our best recommendations.

Japanese and Sushi. Looking for someplace a little more exotic than an Italian restaurant on Valentine’s Day? Try Uchi down on Lamar Blvd. Uchi takes gourmet sushi to the extreme and was recently named the people’s #1 favorite of 2012 in The Austin Chronicle.

Mexican. Trying to find somewhere a little fancy but just as tasty? If you and your compañera are in the mood for some quality Mexican food, then head to La Condesa. Their unique platters add that extra touch of flavor that will sure to guarantee satisfaction. Our recommendation? Get the Carne Asada. Their wood-grilled steak is seasoned just right and the true mark of any Mexican restaurant lies in the strength of their asada.

Italian. There are the kinds of Italian restaurants you see you in movies. The kind you need a coat and tie for. The waiters walk around real slow for some strange reason. And you absolutely have to speak to your date in a hushed whisper, because even a normal talking voice could be heard four tables down the isle. And there’s Vespaio. They describe themselves at “lively and sociable”, and that’s exactly what you’ll find. It’s a great atmosphere to dine on great food. Their pastas are handmade and rich in flavor. Their wood-fired pizzas are spot on.

If you’re the DIY-kind-of-person, then you might choose to fix something at home. That’s fine too, just don’t let something like this ruin your night.

Concerns Over Aerial Spraying For Mosquitoes

Posted by on Monday, 3 September, 2012

Mosquito Spraying Continues in Texas

Much of Texas, including many parts of Austin, has been under attack this summer by mosquitoes. These attacks have many Austin residents frightened because of the possibility of a West Nile Virus infection. CNN reports, this year’s West Nile Virus outbreak is the largest the United States has ever seen since the disease was first discovered in 1999. So far this year there have been 42 deaths and over 1,100 reported cases Nationwide. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention states that almost 80 percent of the nation’s reported West Nile cases are from Texas resulting in 30 deaths.

Aerial spraying for mosquitoes is a common and effective way to combat West Nile Virus. Dropping pesticides from the sky raises many concerns and questions.

DUET Reactions

The pesticide that is being dropped over much of Texas is called DUET. The most common reaction upon DUET exposure is a prickling or burning sensation on your skin. Other reactions can consist of a tearing in your eyes or blurred vision, and respiratory irritation if you inhale it.

Who’s Most at Risk?

It’s hard to predict what kind of reactions, if any, people will have to the pesticides, but people that already have allergies, lung disease, lung cancer, asthma, and other respiratory infections are more at risk. Pregnant women also need to take added precautions. Although it’s not time to panic, health professionals are urging the public to take certain precautions throughout this process.


  • Stay inside until pesticide settles—usually a couple of hours
  • Bring pets inside
  • If you’re very sensitive to chemicals, leave town
  • Don’t wear the shoes you wear outside, inside your home for a few days afterward
  • Wash vehicles, toys, patio furniture, pet bowls, fruits, and vegetables afterward

Pest Control

If you are concerned about the DUET pesticide, the West Nile Virus, or mosquitoes on your property, contact a pest control professional today which offer safe, non-toxic solutions for all of your concerns.

Bulwark Exterminating
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Mosquito Nix
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Mosquito Control System LLC
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Austin-Based Livestrong Receives Record Breaking Donations Amid Controversy

Posted by on Tuesday, 28 August, 2012

Livestrong received $78,000 in donations after Lance Armstrong said he was dropping his fight against the USADA.

Last week Lance Armstrong announced he was dropping his fight against the United States Anti-Doping Agency. Armstrong, a 7-time Tour de France winner, has been under investigation by the USADA for allegedly doping during his illustrious and legendary cycling career.

I’m not here to debate whether he doped or not, or whether or not the USADA’s process is fair and legal. That discussion is for another day…and another blog.

Regardless of opinion, our Austin neighbors over at Livestrong experienced something rather fascinating the day after Lance made his announcement. On Thursday Livestrong, founded by Lance, received donation amounting to $3,200. His announcement went public Thursday evening. On Friday, Livestrong received $78,000 in donations. That’s nearly 25 times more than the previous day.

Simply put: That’s astonishing!