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Texas Scorpion Control

Posted by on Wednesday, 9 April, 2014

scorpion with babiesTexas, commonly referred to as the Lone Star state, is has so much history. The Alamo is where Texas was won, Dr Pepper was invented in Waco, and Dallas is home to the Cowboys. There is so much more that Texas has to offer with historic sites to visit. Texas is also home to something else that has been around for thousands of years, the scorpion.

What does a scorpion look like? 

Scorpions have a segmented body. The main part of the body is the head and the abdomen. At the very end of the abdomen a tail will stick out, then on top of the tail there will be a stinger.  By the head of the scorpion it will have two pinchers. The color will vary from a light brown to a dark brown color.

What kind of scorpion is in Texas? 

Texas is home to the Bark Scorpion. The Bark Scorpion is about 2 to 3 inches long and can live any where from 2 to 6 year. The Bark Scorpion sting is one of the most venomous of all scorpions, and can even be deadly.

Why are there so many scorpions in Texas? 

Since Texas has such good weather year round, and never gets a deep freeze, scorpions can be out almost year round.  When the scorpions are out longer, they can breed more and infest a home much faster. To ensure that your home is not infested, it is good to get your home treated.

How are scorpions controlled?

Many scorpions will live on the outside of your home, inside the block walls around the home. They will also live under rocks, at the base of plants, and by pool equipment. On the inside of the home, scorpions will live inside the walls. Both the home and inside of the walls will need to be properly treated to control the scorpions.

scorpionWhat is a proper treatment? 

Properly treating your home will be done in four different parts; treating inside the walls of the home, treating the foundation of the home, treating the fence line, and treating the plants.  An in wall treatment is done by taking the face plates off the outlets and placing a product in to the walls of the home. Treatment around the foundation of the home with a power sprayer and not a back pack sprayer is most effective. Power spraying will give you the needed quantity, and will also get under the rock and into the soil. Granulating the plants will help exterminate any scorpions around your plants. Placing a product inside the fence will help kill any scorpions trying to live inside there.

How do you know if a company is going to do this kind of treatment to control the scorpions? 

When looking for a company to control the scorpions, looks at the rating with customers.  This can be done by looking on Google, Yelp, Family Own Pest Control, and Angie’s List. Looking on some of these sites will help you see how the company is doing with treating the scorpions.   It will give you an added assurance, that the company is doing a correct treatment.

Texas Scorpion Control

Bulwark Exterminating
209 East Ben White Boulevard
Austin, TX
(512) 291-1200

A Wildlife Pro
3803 Speedway
Austin, TX 78751
(512) 914-7287
1905 Kramer Lane,
Austin, TX 78758
(512) 236-5008 

Top Texas Caverns – The Best Of Texas Underground

Posted by on Wednesday, 19 February, 2014

That’s right, there are so many caves in Texas that even long-long residents have likely not had the opportunity to see half of these fabulous show caves. Long used by Native tribes for shelter and safety, many of these caverns boast a rich Texas history filled with legends and lore. Informative, guided tours are available of these Texas caves, making them safely accessible for most.

Natural Bridge Caverns

Texas Cavern

Arguably the most popular cave in Texas, Natural Bridge Caverns is certainly the most amazing and largest show cave in the Lone Star State. Proximal to San Antonio on the outskirts of the Texas Hill Country, visitors meander from each cavernous room in sheer awe at the massive flowstones and soda straw stalactites. Massive chandeliers and cave ribbons also fill the cave, as do colossal formations that feature some rather fascinating names. A wide variety of tours can take visitors deeper into the cave, and there are lantern tours, adventure tours, and many other activities including a zip line tour and an area where the family can pan for gold. Daily hours and onsite concessions make stopping by Natural Bridge Caverns an easy spontaneous day trip.

Longhorn Caverns – Burnet

One of the best caves in Texas (and the most popular) is Longhorn Caverns. Longhorn Caverns State Park offers more than just a spectacular cave, but miles of marked hiking trails and historical sites, too. Back to the cave, guided tours last just over an hour, and there is a Wild Cave Tour offered for those willing to go a little deeper. These cavern chambers were uniquely formed by cutting action of running water and dissolution of limestone, creating absolutely stunning, meandering chambers. Concessions and a gift shop are onsite, and you can purchase tickets for day tours and monthly ghost hunting tours online at Longhorns Caverns.

Inner Space Caverns – Georgetown

Accidentally discovered by a core drilling team in the 60s, Inner Space Cavern boasts huge columns, amazing flowstones, eerie sky openings, and a surplus of intriguing formations. Most notably, this cavern is one of the few in the state where prehistoric animal fossils and remains have been uncovered. Open daily, several guided tours from traditional to adventures await visitors, and one of the more popular tours is the Sister Caves Tour of exhibits inside and outside of the caves, including Indian burial grounds, cave sinks, and a historic railroad. The Hidden Passages Tour takes you through a newly opened segment of the cave, so you can be among the earliest explorers of this undeveloped section.

Wonder World Park – San Marcos

Most don’t associate Texas with earthquakes, but the formation of the cave at Wonder World is a direct result of one that occurred along the Balcones Fault Line. In fact, this is the only example of an earthquake formed cave in the US! Beyond the impressive formations and fossils within the cave, many impossibly large boulders seem to literally hang in the air, ready to drop at a moments notice. Don’t worry, they’re solidly trapped between the rubble of the earthquake, but it’s a remarkable sight. Exit the cave through the Stratovator to take a super-cool ride to the top of the observation tower, and then enjoy strolling through the anti-gravity house, where water flows uphill!

Ideal for families with youngsters, there’s still more to do at Wonder World. Take a ride on the park’s train through waterfalls to the Texas Wildlife Petting Park where you can interact with and feed the animals along the way. Hang out cafe and grab some lunch, and make sure to snap a pic of the group at the Wonder World Park display wall before heading out as a souvenir.

Fans of the underground (and the cool climate offered to escape the stifling Texas heat) will love these cavern options, sure to delight all ages of the family!

T. L. Mastic’s first cave experience was in her home state of New Mexico when she visited Carlsbad Caverns. Later, as a Highland Lakes resident, she discovered these other enjoyable caverns. She writes about and promotes the Highland Lakes area. For more information about this region, please visit Facebook and Twitter.

Four Essential Tips For Car Buyers In Texas

Posted by on Thursday, 12 December, 2013

Buying CarThere are some states and cities you can live in and not need to rely on motor vehicles for transportation, but Texas isn’t one of them. Texas is made up of 268,581 square miles of cities, suburbs, deserts, and coastlines, and if you want to get around in The Lone Star State you’re going to need a car. When you’re looking for a car that’s made to withstand Texas’ extreme heat and miles of highways and roads, you need to make sure that you’re shopping correctly. If you’re a Texas resident that’s looking for a car, remember to keep these car shopping tips in mind.

Figure out the value of your old car

When you’re thinking about buying a new car, your thoughts probably aren’t on how much money your old car is worth. It doesn’t matter whether you’re planning on selling it or trading it in, you need to figure out how much your previous car is worth. Once you know how much it’s worth, you’ll be in a much better position to negotiate with buyers and dealerships. Kelley Blue Book is still considered the ultimate authority in car value, so head over to their website with some basic information about your car so that you can get a quote.

Don’t rely on emotion

“I’ll know the right car for me when I see it”

So many car buyers have gone with their gut or their emotions when they looked at a car they fell in love with, and doing that is a good way to go over your budget or to buy a car that doesn’t meet your needs. That new Hyundai convertible you found in Fort Worth may look like everything you’ve ever wanted in a car, but you’ll regret it when you’re driving with the top down during a two week stretch of triple digit heat in the summer. There’s nothing wrong with buying a car that appeals to you visually, but that good looking car should also be able to meet your other important criteria for finding your new car.

Don’t fall for urgency

Unless you’re going car shopping on the last day of a big sale, you shouldn’t believe it when a salesman says that they can only give you this deal today. Salesmen aren’t saying that because they don’t want you to miss out on an amazing deal, they’re doing that so they can make another sale before the day is done.

Avoid shopping for new models as soon as they debut

It seems like people flock to the dealership as soon as next year’s model is available. Don’t go car shopping as soon as the latest model cars are revealed if you want to save money and if you truly need to have the latest Hyundai. Dealers in Fort Worth, Dallas, and around the state can inflate the prices of new model cars when they first come out because they’re so popular. Some people are willing to pay anything to make sure that they have the latest model vehicle, and their need to be the first to have something new will cost them a significant amount of money.

Joan is a part-time writer who loves to share her adventures in travel and finance with her readers.

Sell A House Fast In Austin TX

Posted by on Monday, 1 July, 2013

Austin Real Estate

Selling a house can be a stressful task if you are doing it on your own, and you know nothing about the property selling or the common pricing strategies. The task of selling a property that you own is quite a project. Unless you are aware of how it all works, it is very likely that in the end, you will end up selling your house at the wrong price. As we’ve already said, the task is complex. There are so many things involved with it, that there is always a risk of something going wrong with the whole deal… unless you know what you are doing accurately.

Selling A House In Austin, TX

Selling a house is a complex business, and it gets even more complex when you are selling a house that is not brand new. There are many additional points that you need to take care of before selling, and before making a deal. It is always recommended to seek the help of a property dealing firm that offers great services for your property; and also specializes in the property selling business. Solution Strategies, LLC is such a reliable company in Austin, Texas. The company offers great solutions to all of your needs; selling your house in a perfectly good manner and price. The company takes over the task of pricing your house accordingly, and then finds a customer who is willing to buy your house at the asking price.

Solution Strategies Sells Austin Houses Fast

Let’s look at the reasons why you should hire the services of Solution Strategies, LLC in the first place. The first thing we can possibly think of is that it is very likely that when you are planning to sell your house then it is because either you are in need of quick cash and want cash home buyers in Austin, Texas or because you are moving to some other place and you need to sell house fast in Austin Tx. The company simply helps you with everything that is required in the whole process, and assists you in an expert manner to ensure you of the great deal with your house. Selling a house involves a number of difficult tasks such as pricing the house at great yet correct rates, making sure that you sell house fast in Austin Tx , finding cash home buyers in Austin, Texas to purchase your house and not to mention all the legal work involved in the entire process of selling the house.

The firm provides excellent services in this field, and you get these services at very reasonable prices by the company. Hiring the company to sell a house fast in Austin Tx is really a beneficial decision. Hiring them you ensure to avoid all the other troubles involved with this process, and the firm takes care of every task that is necessary for you to sell the house. Whether it is pricing your place at a great price, or simply finding cash home buyers in Austin, Texas, the firm effectively solves all these problems for you.

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Oak Wilt On The Rise In Central Texas

Posted by on Thursday, 9 May, 2013

Oak wilt is one of the worst diseases affecting trees in North America and is especially deadly in the Central Texas area. The oak disease kills plants and trees as it spreads throughout the tree. Once the deadly fungus enters a tree, it travels through the water conducting system of the plant. The fungus then disables the system causing the disease stricken tree to slowly die from dehydration. The Red Oak is the most susceptible oak to the fungus, while White Oaks show a level of tolerance. Live Oaks are extremely susceptible as well since they have large, interconnected root systems. The fungus can spread by traveling through the root system of the Live Oaks and kills any nearby trees.

The Start of an Infection

Red Oaks play a pivotal role in the start of an oak wilt outbreak. During the spring months, fungal mats form underneath the bark on some Red Oaks. Eventually, insects enter the fungal areas and the spores stick to the insects. When the insect visits a wound on the oak tree, it then infects the healthy oak. Once an oak is infected, the fungus can spread easily through the root system. Any dense group of oaks will tend to have interconnected roots. Over time, oak wilt travels through the root system to the surrounding healthy trees. This allows the infection to spread up to 150 feet in any direction within a year, eventually creating a patch of dying trees.

Central Texas Oaks

Popular for their ability to shade streets and provide beautiful landscaping, oaks are a popular choice of tree in Central Texas neighborhoods. Unfortunately, many of these oaks are now dying from the incurable disease. Overall, oak wilt has been reported in seventy four different counties in Texas. Most cases are reported within Central Texas, although there are occasional cases reported in the Panhandle and eastern Texas.

Preventing Oak Wilt

Since there are no cures for oak wilt, the best that residents can do is to prevent it from occurring. The easiest way to do this is to limit any wounds to the tree. When a tree is injured through pruning or clearing brush, it creates a wound. This causes sap to come out of the bare wood. Since beetles like to eat sap, they are attracted to the wood and spread the oak disease. By preventing injuries to the tree, residents can avoid oak wilt. If an oak does sicken from oak disease, the spread to other oaks can be stymied by a process known as trenching. Essentially, a trenching machine must create a hole at least four feet deep to separate the roots of different trees. This helps to limit the spread of oak disease between plants and can prevent an entire oak forest from falling victim to oak wilt. To improve the trench barrier, trees within 100 feet of the disease may also be uprooted to stop the disease from spreading any further through the forest.

Oak Wilt vs Drought

Oak Wilt can sometimes mimic the symptoms of drought due to dehydration. A professional arborist can help determine what is causing problems for your tree and recommend a course of action.

Featured images:

Peter Wendt is a writer and researcher from Austin, Texas who has had trouble with oak wilt in the past. The best way to treat the disease is to call a local arborist. Wendt found Andy at Central Texas Tree Care to be a great resource for treating his own Red Oak trees.

Tips For Texas Newbies

Posted by on Tuesday, 12 February, 2013

The flag of Texas

Have you just moved to Texas? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Whether you’ve transferred to Dallas for work, settled in Corpus Christi for retirement or are stationed on the base at Fort Hood – you’re in good company. Regardless of what brings you here, it’s easy to feel like a lone star in this big state. Here are a few ideas to help you make yourself at home.

Pick a team

Eight major pro teams, dozens of minor league teams and a handful of serious college powerhouses – yes, Texas is a sports fan’s haven. From the Dallas Cowboys to the Austin Ice Bats, there’s a team for everyone’s taste. Find yours and you’ll find friends in no time, as long as you don’t root for the Mavericks in San Antonio or the Texans in Dallas.

Get to know your town

Take a walk. Take a ride. Take a look around and get familiar with your new home. Texas is brimming with character – not only in the people but also in the land itself. You won’t find another town in the country named Notrees, Ding Dong or Hoop and Holler. And you can visit Miami, Klondike, China, Egypt and even Venus without ever leaving the state.

Learn the song!

“The stars at night, are big and bright…” If you haven’t gotten this much down, then you better brush up, quickly. The Texans are a proud people who need little more than a whisper of this line before they chime in with four quick claps in unison, followed by a loud “DEEP IN THE HEART OF TEXAS!” Win extra brownie points if you learn the entire ditty.

Pick up a hobby

New territory means new hobbies and this state is filled with them. Want to start fixing cars in Odessa? Look up West Texas auto parts and get geared up. Love a good hike? Check out Haynes Ridge or the Guadalupe Mountains. History buff? You’re just a short ride away from the Alamo. Trust us, there’s plenty to do to fill your time.

The second most populous state in the union, Texas also has one of the highest percentages of new residents per year. There’s a decent chance you’re one of them. If that’s the case, welcome! We hope you enjoy it here. Go to a rodeo, visit the Alamo, or look up West Texas auto parts and start your new hobby. However you spend your time here, we’re sure you’ll love it. And remember; never drop your gun to hug a grizzly.

Chuck Stevens is an avid blogger. He just moved to Texas and is always looking to share his advice on the process.  You can follow him on Twitter @chuckstevens12.

Beware of Cedar Fever!

Posted by on Friday, 7 January, 2011

I grew up in Southern California. Everyone jokes about our earthquakes. I always have to re-educate people that earthquakes aren’t a big deal. The real threat in California is the amount of wild fires that occur each year. Occasionally they happen at the worst time when the infamous Santa Ana Winds are blowing. It’s a recipe for disaster.

A twitter acquaintance sent out a friendly reminder this morning regarding those that may be suffering from allergies in the Austin, TX area. The Mountain Cedar tree is to blame for mass amounts of runny noses, excessive sneezing, nasal blockages and irritated eyes. The People Against Cedars offer some extensive insights into the wintertime conditions that plague Central Texas.

Mountain Cedar Tree

Mountain Cedar Tree

Now I know allergies in no way compare to wild fires and earthquakes, and that most areas of the country face some sort of seasonal hazard, but I thought it interesting that one tree can single handily cause such havoc on an entire region of a state.

So as my twitter friend reminds us, if any of your Austin friends are missing in action, they should be resurfacing in a week or two.