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$1 Million Hospital Bill After A Brown Recluse Spider Bite

Posted by on Thursday, 1 November, 2012

Spider Bite Horror Story

A former law student is urging the public to be more conscious about spiders after she is slapped with a $1 Million hospital bill– The result of a Brown Recluse spider bite. 

Jane Hefferan had been dealing with a running injury for some time, so she thought nothing of a swollen knee. As her knee began to change colors, first turning a deep red then to a dark purple, she began to get a little more worried. Hefferan kept putting off the discoloration and burning feeling she felt in her leg, because she was busy studying for the bar exam. That was until her physical therapist realized she was dealing with something a little more serious than a bruised knee and urged her go seek medical attention as soon as possible. 

While at the hospital it was immediately determined that Hefferan had been bitten by a spider, and not just any spider but the very poisonous and sometimes deadly Brown Recluse. 

Hefferan was quickly treated with antibiotics, and had surgery to remove some of the dead rotting tissue around her knee that the spider’s venom destroyed. Doctors had to cut down to the bone, removing all the infected tissue, and use skin grafts to cover the exposed knee. The problem worsened as the bite continued to fester and bleed, due to a autoimmune disorder which she had. On top of it all, doctors also discover another spider bite. The two bites had left Hefferan with a leg that was basically just bone, having most of the living tissue deteriorate. 

After a four year battle consisting of 20 different surgeries, a couple dozen blood transfusions, and a $1 Million hospital bill, doctors were able to save Jane Hefferan’s leg. It was determined that the woman was bitten in her sleep; the place where 38 percent of Brown Recluse spider bites take place. 

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Brown Recluse Spider Bites

A bite from a Brown recluse spider will usually be painless and unnoticed at first, just like Jane Hefferan’s bite was. A day or so after the bite, the victim may begin to notice a reddening of the skin with the bite developing a red bull’s eye. The skin will begin turning colors, ranging from purple, brown, black, or blue, and look much like a bruise. As the skin deteriorates and dies, it will eventually turn white. At this point the bite can begin to become very painful. The discolored area will begin oozing a discharge as well. 

A Brown Recluse spider bite can be deadly, but it is uncommon. Brown Recluse spiders are common throughout most of the Southern United States, including most of Texas.

The Value of Pest Control in Austin

I recently wrote about a scorpion sting that left an Arizona woman with an $83,000 hospital bill here. Now we hear this unfortunate news where this Michigan woman is stuck with a $1 Million hospital bill because of a spider bite. Unfortunate situations like these can be avoided with pest control. 

Most pest control companies offer a spider control service. Bulwark Exterminating offers two distinct service plans – every month and every other month. A one year every month plan will cost a total of $623, significantly lower than a $1 Million price tag resulting from a spider bite. Don’t risk the pain of dealing with a spider bite, and don’t be stuck with a $1 Million hospital bill. Get Austin spider control!

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