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Austin Summer Brings out the Heat and the Bugs

Tuesday, 14 July, 2009

Any summer in Austin brings out the heat and the worst in all of us by the time July hits! The last thing you need is to find your home invaded by all types of spiders, bugs, wasps, and mice who do not want to be out in the heat any more than we do. I cannot imagine facing Texas without a guy like Roger to fight the battle of the bugs for me. I know that Bulwark has many good employees, but the guy on the front line is the one I must talk about. Roger always comes with a smile on his face and eager to fix whatever is going on around or in my house. It does not matter if he comes early in the morning or I am the last person of the day. He is always working with a smile on his face and concerned about my needs. Everything is done in a fast pace and with a great care to being complete and thorough. I would never leave Bulwark as long as Roger works there. He should be CEO as far as I am concerned. He IS Bulwark! Bulwark is good because the contact people to your customers are doing a job of 120%. I hope you pay them well for being your front line crawling in attics and working outside in 100+ temps. This is the absolute truth….no frills added. This is the working person at their best and I truly appreciate it.

Jean D.
Austin, TX 78732

Thanks Jean for the kind letter.  We do appreciate our employees and understand that their jobs aren’t easy.  We have and do feel that its our employees that make the difference.  You may be able to find  similar products, similar trucks, and similar equipment somewhere else.  But you won’t find the same Roger, or the same Russel, or same Silver.  We do believe that the front line is where we need our exceptional employees. Its a family pest control business, run like a family, and tied together like a family.

Experience the Difference.

Most Reviewed Austin Pest Control Service

Sunday, 12 July, 2009

No other Pest Control Service in Austin has more Google Reviews:

Listen to what Tony has to say:

“We just celebrated our first year here in Austin and as you can imagine, we love everything about it: the people, the weather, our exterminating company. That’s right, I said it. When we first moved in we immediately noticed that we were going to need a good pest control service (ants, rolly pollies, June bugs, etc.). Luckily for us, Bulwark knocked on our door our third day here. They advised us that we needed to set up service and quick…with them or with someone else but do it and do it quick. After consulting with family and neighbors, Bulwark came highly recommended. And boy were they right. Every time they come, they are professional, personable, and most importantly, GOOD. With three kids and two dogs, it was important to us to get the bugs in our backyard under control. And since Bulwark started coming, it’s all good. And the last two times we’ve had the pleasure of having Roger as our technician. He’s been on time, professional, and great with the kids and dogs. In addition to doing a good and thorough job of spraying, he’s given us some great tips on how to combat Texas critters. I sincerely hope we can have him assigned to us permanently. And for anyone that is looking for a pest control company, look no further. You’ve found the best. Thanks Bulwark and thanks Roger.”

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This is what other customers are saying about Bulwark Exterminating

Jessica writes:
“Have been a customer for 7 or 8 years at two different residences. Jeff Baker has been our technician on several occasions here and is terrific. Listens to what our specific needs/problems are, is full of excellent information and tips about the various creepy crawly things we live around, takes extra precautions treating the area around our rabbits’ dwelling, and puts my mind at ease, giving the outdoor perimeter and our indoor living space the level of treatment necessary to keep us safe from all the scorpions and centipedes here in the hill country. We have had great service from other Bulwark technicians as well, and Bulwark is always willing to get someone out here quickly for us, anytime between regular treatments…we recently completely cleared our backyard of years and years of layers of leaves and, as a result, suddenly saw scorpions and centipedes in the house…I called yesterday and Jeff came out today and did a great job!”

Chris writes:
“Admittingly, I have been an ABC Pest & Lawn customer for as long as I can remember. My parents have used them since I was a kid growing up, and I continued to use them myself. My family and I just moved into our house a few months ago and were getting ready to transfer our pest control service from our old home to our new one. I was approached by a enthusiastic Bulwark employee named Oliver who sold me on the idea of “thinking outside of the box” and trying something new–which happens to be something that I am not used to doing. I signed up with Bulwark yesterday and first thing this morning, technician NATE BURGI was at my door (actually, he was 15 minutes early which is a plus in my book). Nate was extremely knowledgeable, professional and was very interested in assisting with my pest control needs. Nate was extremely diligent in providing a thorough and quality service for me and my family. So far, I am extremely impressed with Bulwark and I am glad that I made the decision to switch from ABC to Bulwark. Thanks Nate, Oliver, and Bulwark Exterminating. Chris F. Teravista/Round Rock.”