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Beware of Cedar Fever!

Posted by on Friday, 7 January, 2011

I grew up in Southern California. Everyone jokes about our earthquakes. I always have to re-educate people that earthquakes aren’t a big deal. The real threat in California is the amount of wild fires that occur each year. Occasionally they happen at the worst time when the infamous Santa Ana Winds are blowing. It’s a recipe for disaster.

A twitter acquaintance sent out a friendly reminder this morning regarding those that may be suffering from allergies in the Austin, TX area. The Mountain Cedar tree is to blame for mass amounts of runny noses, excessive sneezing, nasal blockages and irritated eyes. The People Against Cedars offer some extensive insights into the wintertime conditions that plague Central Texas.

Mountain Cedar Tree

Mountain Cedar Tree

Now I know allergies in no way compare to wild fires and earthquakes, and that most areas of the country face some sort of seasonal hazard, but I thought it interesting that one tree can single handily cause such havoc on an entire region of a state.

So as my twitter friend reminds us, if any of your Austin friends are missing in action, they should be resurfacing in a week or two.