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Big Game For The Longhorns Tomorrow

Posted by on Friday, 30 November, 2012

The University of Texas Longhorns play at Kansas State tomorrow to determine the champion of the Big XII Conference and possible BCS bowl opportunities. Under no circumstances can our beloved Longhorns be crowned conference champs, even though we all know who the top program is on the block.

As the scenario goes, if the Kansas St Wildcats win tomorrow, they are the outright conference champions. If they lose tomorrow, then they will need help from Texas Christian, who plays Oklahoma tomorrow as well. If Kansas St. loses and Oklahoma wins, Oklahoma will be conference champions. If both Kansas St. and Oklahoma lose, Kansas St will still be named champions, but Texas will have more of a shot of being invited to a BCS bowl as an at-large bid. That’s still cool…right!?

I mean, c’mon, hoping for a BCS berth is better than having to go back to the Holiday Bowl and play another Pac-12 team.

As much as this may hurt some of our readers, if Kansas St. wins tomorrow, then we at Bulwark are still cheering for our Sooners. We have operations in both Austin and Tulsa (close enough), and we always cheer for our home teams whenever we can. Who are our “home” teams you might ask? Arizona State, UNLV, Texas, Oklahoma, Uni. of Houston, Duke, UNC, NC State (yep…all three!) and Tulsa. Any other school is probably going to be Division II.

So whatever happens tomorrow, LET’S GO LONGHORNS!!!