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Green Pest Control – Green Conference

Friday, 24 April, 2009

“It’s not easy being green…” Kermit the Frog had it wrong. Doing what’s right for the customers, the employees, and the world is EASY. Offering the customers an alternative solution to their pest problems is a good thing. Heck, if you have a customer that’s sensitive to A and B then find C for him, don’t just throw her under the bus. The only thing you should be throwing under the bus is the bugs. If you don’t want that customer then send them our way.  So if you want green, greenier, or the greenest then you let us know and we will figure out what works best for you. 

What’s that? Green Pest Control is still undefined? There are pest control companies “Green Washing” out there?  Hey, don’t judge me based on what company XYZ or ABCD did or said.  Try out the service for yourself.  Call it green if you want, call it purple, pink, or red.  What it comes down to is this, #1-Is the pest control effective? #2- Can I, the customer, rest and breathe easy? and #3… “Are you, the pest control comapny, improving the service?”. 

Yes, we are doing the best we can.  Yes, you can be assured that we are professionals.  And Yes, we are moving forward, improving our service and “getting Greenier.”

Pesticides could be fatal

Thursday, 23 April, 2009

Pesticides could have been fatal for two children. Middle east pest control company being prosecuted for the fatal use of pest control products. There are also 4 other middle east pest control companies being prosecuted for using restricted pesticides. These PCOs and others should be held responsible for breaking the laws. This is a rare case in which the PCO’s actions could have been fatal to humans, but the laws are in place for this reason. Perhaps the EPA is a little more restrictive then many PCOs would like, but the public and responsible pest control companies appreciate the good intention behind pest control regulation. We advise all to consider the possible consequences of their actions and to act responsibly.

2009 Bed Bug Report

Tuesday, 21 April, 2009

Bed Bug Problem is spreading. Estimates bed bug problem continuing to grow. EPA has no clear solution. PCOs struggle to combat these pests. Apartments and hotels are not the only businesses affected as airliners and movie theaters are also reporting problems. EPA contemplates a Public Health Notice.