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Happy Valentine’s Day From Bulwark Exterminating

Posted by on Monday, 11 February, 2013

There are a few more days left until Valentine’s Day, so you either have time to finish your purchases for your loved one, or you still have time to start your purchases. There is quite a bit to do here in Austin, with lots of food choices for every appetite. We thought we’d help you out a little and give you our best recommendations.

Japanese and Sushi. Looking for someplace a little more exotic than an Italian restaurant on Valentine’s Day? Try Uchi down on Lamar Blvd. Uchi takes gourmet sushi to the extreme and was recently named the people’s #1 favorite of 2012 in The Austin Chronicle.

Mexican. Trying to find somewhere a little fancy but just as tasty? If you and your compañera are in the mood for some quality Mexican food, then head to La Condesa. Their unique platters add that extra touch of flavor that will sure to guarantee satisfaction. Our recommendation? Get the Carne Asada. Their wood-grilled steak is seasoned just right and the true mark of any Mexican restaurant lies in the strength of their asada.

Italian. There are the kinds of Italian restaurants you see you in movies. The kind you need a coat and tie for. The waiters walk around real slow for some strange reason. And you absolutely have to speak to your date in a hushed whisper, because even a normal talking voice could be heard four tables down the isle. And there’s Vespaio. They describe themselves at “lively and sociable”, and that’s exactly what you’ll find. It’s a great atmosphere to dine on great food. Their pastas are handmade and rich in flavor. Their wood-fired pizzas are spot on.

If you’re the DIY-kind-of-person, then you might choose to fix something at home. That’s fine too, just don’t let something like this ruin your night.