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Pest Control Trap Catches Water Moccasins Snakes

Wednesday, 6 May, 2009

The following image was taken from our customer in Bastrop TX.

snakes water moccasins 300x225 Pest Control Trap Catches Water Moccasins Snakes

Snakes - Pest Control Trap Catches Water Moccasins

Large Pest Control traps used to catch general pests and monitor pest activity end up catching deadly Snakes – Water Moccasins.  This is not a common occurrence but it is a great idea.  Add a little more protection to your home with simple pest control traps.

Texas residents should beware of the dangers Texas snakes pose.  It is a good idea to keep wood piles, brush, and debris away from your home.  Pest Control Pesticides are not effective against snakes.  Ask your professionals for additional options for snake protection.

San Deigo Pest Control – Hearts Pest Control

Monday, 4 May, 2009

Way to go Hearts Pest Control in San Diego. We are happy to hear that you are providing excellent pest control service to the people of San Diego!

Get San Diego Pest Control from Hearts Pest Management.

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