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Austin-Based Livestrong Receives Record Breaking Donations Amid Controversy

Posted by on Tuesday, 28 August, 2012

Livestrong received $78,000 in donations after Lance Armstrong said he was dropping his fight against the USADA.

Last week Lance Armstrong announced he was dropping his fight against the United States Anti-Doping Agency. Armstrong, a 7-time Tour de France winner, has been under investigation by the USADA for allegedly doping during his illustrious and legendary cycling career.

I’m not here to debate whether he doped or not, or whether or not the USADA’s process is fair and legal. That discussion is for another day…and another blog.

Regardless of opinion, our Austin neighbors over at Livestrong experienced something rather fascinating the day after Lance made his announcement. On Thursday Livestrong, founded by Lance, received donation amounting to $3,200. His announcement went public Thursday evening. On Friday, Livestrong received $78,000 in donations. That’s nearly 25 times more than the previous day.

Simply put: That’s astonishing!