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Concerns Over Aerial Spraying For Mosquitoes

Posted by on Monday, 3 September, 2012

Mosquito Spraying Continues in Texas

Much of Texas, including many parts of Austin, has been under attack this summer by mosquitoes. These attacks have many Austin residents frightened because of the possibility of a West Nile Virus infection. CNN reports, this year’s West Nile Virus outbreak is the largest the United States has ever seen since the disease was first discovered in 1999. So far this year there have been 42 deaths and over 1,100 reported cases Nationwide. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention states that almost 80 percent of the nation’s reported West Nile cases are from Texas resulting in 30 deaths.

Aerial spraying for mosquitoes is a common and effective way to combat West Nile Virus. Dropping pesticides from the sky raises many concerns and questions.

DUET Reactions

The pesticide that is being dropped over much of Texas is called DUET. The most common reaction upon DUET exposure is a prickling or burning sensation on your skin. Other reactions can consist of a tearing in your eyes or blurred vision, and respiratory irritation if you inhale it.

Who’s Most at Risk?

It’s hard to predict what kind of reactions, if any, people will have to the pesticides, but people that already have allergies, lung disease, lung cancer, asthma, and other respiratory infections are more at risk. Pregnant women also need to take added precautions. Although it’s not time to panic, health professionals are urging the public to take certain precautions throughout this process.


  • Stay inside until pesticide settles—usually a couple of hours
  • Bring pets inside
  • If you’re very sensitive to chemicals, leave town
  • Don’t wear the shoes you wear outside, inside your home for a few days afterward
  • Wash vehicles, toys, patio furniture, pet bowls, fruits, and vegetables afterward

Pest Control

If you are concerned about the DUET pesticide, the West Nile Virus, or mosquitoes on your property, contact a pest control professional today which offer safe, non-toxic solutions for all of your concerns.

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