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Ants in the Pants!

Posted by on Thursday, 16 August, 2012
Dallas Cowboys Training

Dallas Cowboys Training (Photo credit: C. Strife)


With the NFL season quickly approaching, all of us in Austin are getting more and more geeked for Dallas Cowboys’ football.

Earlier this summer Dallas Cowboys fullback, Lawrence Vickers, had an unfortunate ant situation. While stretching, he felt that something was wrong with his pants.


Ants in Your Pants

Ants in Your Pants (Photo credit: Barnaby_S)

The fullback, who is allergic to ants, noticed two big ants in his pants. He rushed off the field with his hands covering his groin, which left many reporters wondering if he had been injured.

When Vickers was asked about the ordeal, he said “I was stretching and then by the time I got to the special teams period, which is a couple of periods after, I guess they worked their way all the way in there, and once they got to where they wanted to be. They just started stinging.”

“I was just holding myself, and you don’t just be grabbing on yourself because ants are on you. People are gonna make fun of you. I don’t care as long as they got off me. I don’t care about people knowing about ants in my pants.”

Some Interesting Facts About Ants

    • Ants are found on every continent except Antarctica
    • Most ants are red or black, but a few tropical species are green with a metallic luster
    • The largest ant ever measured was 2.4 inches long, with a 5.9 inch wingspan
    • The Harvester Ant’s venom is more toxic then a rattle snake’s or scorpion’s venom
    • The Fire Ant queen produces over 3,000 ant eggs a day
    • Click here for more fun facts


Ant Video

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