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Roaches Steal Your Food Video

Posted by on Thursday, 17 April, 2014

All of us here in Austin know just how revolting and repulsive cockroaches are. These sneaky little buggers creep into our homes in search of shelter from the elements, water, and of course food.

Our food???

Yup, our food… The same food you eat on a regular basis is also food that can be shared with roaches. Unfortunately, you heard me right! You share your food with cockroaches!

Those filthy bugs will steal just about anything they can get. See for yourself:

While this video was good for a little chuckle, it also illustrates an important issue. Cockroaches love sugary, starchy, and otherwise sweet foods… Just like you and me. Unfortunately, these foods are regularly found in our homes; drawing the cockroaches in!

Once in our homes, they begin chowing down on anything that they can find. Foods that are not adequately sealed are going to be the first to go. Once roaches eat your food, they regurgitate it back up, and then dive in once again. Ewwww!

When it comes to sharing your food with roaches, keep in mind that they are notorious for spreading diseases. Bacteria, dysentery, diarrhea, worms; all are spread by roaches as they crawl through the food you ingest.

Don’t let cockroaches steal your food, get professional roach control in Austin today!

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